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T 760 LED Sub Controller for led strip

T-760 LED Sub Controller

  • Support 8 output ports, each can carry a maximum of 1024 pixels
  • Load DMX512 lamps, with the output rate of 250K/500K/750Kbs

T-760 LED Sub Controller Image

T-760 Front View

T 760 LED Sub Controller Image1

T-760 side view 1

T 760 LED Sub Controller Image2

T-760 side view 2

T 760 LED Sub Controller Image3

Controller Identification

1. LCD screen

2. Power indicator

3. Status indicator

4. Cascade input port

5. Cascade output port

6. SET key

7. MODE key

8. SPEED+ key

9.SPEED- key

10. OFF/ON

11. AC100-240V power interface

12. Output ports OUT1-OUT8