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10mm Addressable White 120leds WS2811 LED Strip

Professional Pixel LED Strip Lights Manufacturer & Supplier

Product Parameter

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QtyLED QtyCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
STE-TTL-3PIN-W-120-24DC24V12.2W/m20 pixels/m120 leds/m50mmNo10mm

10mm Addressable RGB 120leds WS2811 LED Strip Lighting

Upgrade Your Workspace with WS2811 120LEDs White LED Strip
Illuminate Your Artwork with WS2811 120LEDs White LED Strip
Create a Relaxing Environment with WS2811 120LEDs White LED Strip
Enhance Your Home Theater with WS2811 120LEDs White LED Strip

Product Feature

A 120 LEDs/m highest density WS2811 white digital led strip. WS2811 is similar to UCS1903, with 24V+, DAT, and GND 3 pin wires. The programmable white led strip is 10mm wide, with 600 LEDs evenly distributed over the 5-meter strip length, providing an extremely uniform lighting effect.

A WS2811 IC controls 12 SMD2835 white LEDs, with one IC control area every 100 mm . 10 pixels per meter, 50 pixels per roll. Through the built-in program of the running water led controller K1000C or self-programming, the white led pixel tape can present various dynamic effects, such as flowing, breathing, bouncing, and so on.

3pin JST connector and 2 pin power cable are available. Soldering is recommended to connect the cut led white strip.

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