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UCS5603 Pixel LED Strip

DC12V DC24V Break Continue Addressable RGB LED strip

UCS5603 Pixel LED Strip Lighting

UCS5603 pixel LED
UCS5603 pixel LED strip ODM
UCS5603 pixel LED strip customized OEM
UCS5603 pixel LED strip China

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Shenzhen Suntech LED strip lights factory is ISO9001 cetified, and all the LED strip lights have passed CE, RoHS, FCC certifications, and we have professional engineering team to customize the products to meet your unique requirements.

We design the LED strip PCB by ourselves with thicker copper, which allows more current flow and strip lights is more efficient. In terms of resistance of the strip light, we use more capacitors and resistors to give the strip good performance in heat dissipation and high temperature resistance.

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UCS5603 Pixel LED Strip Dimension

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Introducing UCS5603 Pixel LED Strip: The Perfect Solution for Your Lighting Needs

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LED lighting has come a long way since its inception, and one of the most recent innovations in this field is the UCS5603 pixel LED strip. This unique LED lighting solution offers incredible flexibility and customization options, making it perfect for various applications, from home decoration to commercial lighting. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of UCS5603 break continue LED strips, exploring their features, benefits, and how they work. We’ll also provide some helpful tips for selecting, installing, and troubleshooting these versatile LED lighting solutions.

UCS5603 Pixel LED Strip Overview

Features and Specifications

The UCS5603 pixel LED strip is a high-performance, 3-channel constant current LED driver with external IC and break continue functionality. It’s designed to support a wide range of LED lighting applications, thanks to its sophisticated control mechanism and advanced features. Some of the key specifications and features of the UCS5603 include:

• Wide input voltage range (5-24V)

• PWM dimming capability (256 levels)

• Built-in break continue function

• 3-channel constant current output (5-90mA per channel)

• Adjustable output current

• Integrated thermal protection

Common Applications

UCS5603 pixel LED strips are popular in various lighting applications, such as:

• Architectural lighting

• Signage and advertisement lighting

• Decorative and accent lighting

• Stage and event lighting

• Automotive and marine lighting

addressable led strip application

UCS5603 Pixel LED Strip: How It Works

Addressing and Control Mechanism

The UCS5603 pixel LED strip utilizes a unique addressing and control mechanism. Each LED segment on the strip contains a UCS5603 IC, which controls the individual LED’s color and intensity. The ICs are connected in a daisy-chain configuration, allowing for easy communication and control over the entire strip.

Signal Transmission

The UCS5603 break continue function works by transmitting the control signal through the break points on the LED strip. When a break is made in the strip, the UCS5603 IC at the break point automatically detects the interruption and continues transmitting the signal to the next IC in the chain. This ensures that the entire strip remains functional and synchronized, even when cut and reconnected.

Benefits of UCS5603 Pixel Addressable LED Strips

Flexibility and Customization

One of the primary advantages of UCS5603 pixel LED strip is their flexibility and customization potential. The ability to cut and reconnect the strip without the need for additional connectors or soldering allows for easy installation and adaptation to various shapes and lengths.

Efficiency and Reliability

The UCS5603 break continue LED strips are designed with efficiency and reliability in mind. The constant current output ensures consistent brightness across the entire strip, while the integrated thermal protection safeguards against overheating and prolongs the strip’s lifespan.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

The break continue function simplifies the installation process, as there’s no need for extra connectors or soldering when cutting and reconnecting the strip. This means less time spent on installation and fewer potential points of failure.

Choosing the Best LED Strip for Your Project

When choosing an LED strip for your project, there are various aspects to consider to guarantee that you get the perfect one for your needs. Here are a few crucial points to consider:

• LED chip quality: The quality of the LED chips used in the strip can affect the overall brightness, color accuracy, and longevity of the strip. Suntech uses high-quality chips from Epistar, Osram, and Cree.

• Adhesive backing: The adhesive backing on the LED strip can affect how well it adheres to surfaces. Suntech applies high-quality genuine 3M adhesives for all of the LED strip lights.

• Heat dissipation: LED strips can generate heat, so it’s important to choose a strip with good heat dissipation capabilities. This will help to ensure that the LEDs don’t overheat and become damaged.

• Power supply: Make sure you choose a power supply that is compatible with the voltage requirements of the LED strip you choose. The power supply should also be able to handle the wattage of the strip.

By considering these factors, you can choose the right LED strip for your project and ensure that it meets your specific needs and requirements. Remember to always plan ahead, properly install and troubleshoot any issues that may arise, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

How to install the UCS5603 pixel LED strip:Tips and Tricks

Plan ahead: Before starting your installation, plan out where you want to place your LED strip and measure the area to make sure you have enough strip to cover the space.

Clean the surface: Ensure that the surface where you will be installing the LED strip is clean and dry. Dirt or moisture can affect the adhesion of the strip and cause it to fall off.

Use proper tools: Use a sharp pair of scissors or a utility knife to cut the LED strip to the desired length. Make sure to cut along the designated cut lines to avoid damaging the strip.

Connectors: Use proper connectors to connect different sections of the LED strip together. Make sure the connectors are secure and properly aligned to avoid any loose connections.

Power supply: Ensure that the power supply you are using is compatible with the LED strip and can handle the wattage of the strip.

Dimming and control: If you want to be able to dim or control the LED strip, make sure you have the necessary components such as a dimmer switch or a controller.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

LED strip not turning on: Check the connections to ensure they are properly secured and aligned. Also, check the power supply to make sure it is working correctly.

Uneven brightness: This may be caused by a faulty LED or a loose connection. Check that all LEDs are properly connected and replace any faulty LEDs.

Flickering: This may be caused by a loose connection or a faulty power supply. Check all connections and replace the power supply if necessary.

Voltage drop: If the LED strip is located far from the power supply, there may be a voltage drop, resulting in dimmer lighting. Use an additional power supply to boost the voltage.

Compatibility issues: Make sure that all components, including connectors and controllers, are compatible with the LED strip. Using incompatible components can cause the LED strip to malfunction.


The UCS5603 pixel LED strip is a versatile and easy-to-install lighting solution that can add a touch of ambiance to any space. With proper planning and installation, you can achieve the desired effect and create a stunning lighting display.

Customer Questions & Answers

Q: Can I cut the LED strip to a custom length?

A: Yes, the UCS5603 break continue LED strip can be cut to a custom length along designated cut lines.

Q: Do I need a controller to control the LED strip?

A: Yes, a controller is necessary to control the color and brightness of the LED strip.

Q: Can the LED strip be used outdoors?

A: Yes, as long as it has a suitable waterproof rating, the LED strip can be used outdoors or in damp environments. For general outdoor use, you and choose IP67 version, if need to use underwater, the IP68 is requried.

Q: Can the UCS5603 RGB LED strip be controlled remotely?

A: Yes, Suntech UCS5603 RGB LED strip can be controlled remotely using a compatible controller. This allows for greater flexibility and ease of use.

Q: Can I use a dimmer switch with the UCS5603 RGB LED strip?

A: Yes, a dimmer switch can be used to control the brightness of the UCS5603 RGB LED strip. However, it’s important to use a compatible dimmer switch that is designed for use with LED lighting.

Q: What is the CRI (Color Rendering Index) of the UCS5603 RGB LED strip?

A: The CRI of the UCS5603 RGB LED strip varies depending on the specific product. Suntech LED strips have a CRI of 80 or higher, which means that they can accurately reproduce colors.