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UCS7604 LED Strip

Addressable Strip Light Manufacturer & Supplier

Brighten up any space with our customizable UCS7604 LED Strip! It’s energy efficient, easy to install, and perfect for any indoor/outdoor application. Choose from a variety of colors to create the perfect ambiance. Ideal for enhancing home decor or adding a professional touch. The UCS7604 LED Strip allows your creativity to shine!

Item: ST-UCS7604-4PIN-RGBW-60-24
LED Qty: 60
Voltage: DC24V
Cutting Unit: 100 mm

Power: 19.2 W/m 
Pixel Qty: 10 Pixels
Break Continue: Yes
PCB Width: 10mm

Whether for accent lighting, home decoration, or an event, the UCS7604 break continue LED strip provides an amazing lighting experience that will transform any space.

Product Parameter

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QtyLED QtyCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
ST-UCS7604-4PIN-RGBW-60-24DC24V19.2 W/m10 Pixels60100 mmYes10mm

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Connection Cable

Controllers Recommended