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RGB DMX 24V Individually Controlled LED Strip

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Product Parameter

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QtyLED QtyCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width

RGB DMX 24V Individually Controlled LED Strip Lighting

DMX 24V Individually Controlled LED Strip for for Retail Displays
DMX 24V Individually Controlled LED Strips Smart Home lighting
DMX 24V Individually Controlled RGB LED Strip for Event Space
DMX 24V Individually Controlled RGB LED Strip for

Product Feature

Please pay attention this strip is DC24v 60leds per meter 30 pixels per meter, it is a unique design compared to DMX 24v 60leds per meter and 10 pixels per meter LED strip in the market.

This High Bright DMX RGB LED Strip for your building lighting decorations, with a special 24v LED strip but with each 2 leds cuttable instead of 6 leds cuttable. LEDs design, high brightness. It adopts RGB (red, green, blue, and white) 3 in 1 SMD5050 lamp beads, which can realize colored light effects. The DMX LED strip can be precisely adjusted and controlled by the DMX512 control system.

This is a 5-pin DMX rope light, with dual signal transmission, ensuring the stability of data transmission and reception. With the address line, you can program the effect you want for a specific section of the strip.


  1. 10mm with DMX led strip with 5 pins.
  2. RGB color type, 1-pixel controls 2 LED
  3. 33mm cut segment, better fit your real installation length.
  4. DC24v input
  5. 30pixels per meter, 60leds per meter.

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