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BC 380 8A

BC-380-8A Constant Voltage LED RGB Controller With Remoter

Product Code: BC-380-8A

1. Automatic switch from DC5V-DC36V.

2. With 21 Buttons IR Wireless remote control, reliable control distance can reach as far as 10m.

3. 12 built-in changing modes, 6 DIY modes, and each mode can be change to any of the color skipping, color smooth and color flicker, 54 changing modes in all.

4. 0-100% dimming and 16 levels of static brightness per RGB can mix 4096 colors; 16 speed levels in each mode.

5. 3-Channel RGB full color control, maximum outputs 8A per Channel.

6. 4096 Grey scales per RGB, color-smooth effect is gentle and accurate.

7. Power loss memory function. Over current protection, short circuit protection.

8. Equipped with infrared receiver, more convenient to receive the infrared signal.

Technical Specifications