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WS2815 RGB Pixel LED Tape

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WS2815 RGB Pixel LED Tape Lighting Display

Product Parameters

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QuantityLED QuantityCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
STB-TTL-4PIN-RGB-60-12VDC12V18W/M60 pixels/m60 LEDs/m16.6mmYes10mm
STB-TTL-4PIN-RGB-120-12VDC12V24W/M120 pixels/m120 LEDs/m16mmYes5mm/10mm
STB-TTL-4PIN-RGB-144-12VDC12V43W/M144 pixels/m144 LEDs/m6.9mmYes12mm

WS2815 RGB Pixel LED Tape Lighting Pictures

2815 RGB pixel LED tape 1
WS2815 RGB pixel tape
WS2815 RGB pixel LED tape factory
120leds RGB Addressable LED Strip WS2815 strip light
WS2815 RGB pixel LED tape
WS2815 RGB pixel LED 1
WS2815 RGB pixel LED strip
WS2815 RGB pixel LED tape customized

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Table of Contents

What is the frequency of WS2815?

WS2815 is an intelligent LED control circuit that uses a 2-wire transmission protocol to control LEDs. The frequency of WS2815 is not a fixed value, as it depends on the specific implementation and use case.

The timing of the signal is critical for WS2815 to work properly, and it requires precise timing to accurately control the LEDs. The protocol used to control the WS2815 LEDs has a data rate of 800 Kbps, which means that the data is transmitted at a rate of 800k bits per second.

However, the actual frequency used to control the WS2815 LEDs is determined by the controller that is sending the data to the LEDs. The controller may operate at different frequencies depending on its specific implementation and the requirements of the application.

So the frequency of WS2815 is not a fixed value, and it depends on the controller that is used to control the LEDs.

How much current does WS2815 draw?

The amount of current drawn by a 60 LEDs per meter WS2815 RGB pixel LED tape will depend on a few factors such as the brightness level, color patterns, and the voltage level applied to the LED strip.

Assuming that the LED strip is powered at 12V and at full brightness, each WS2815 RGB LED draws about 60mA of current, regardless of the number of LEDs per meter. So, for a 60 LEDs per meter WS2815 RGB pixel LED tape, the total current draw would be 60 LEDs/meter x 0.06 A/LED = 3.6 A/meter.

It’s worth noting that the actual current draw may be slightly higher due to the power loss in the strip’s circuitry and any voltage drop in the it’s important to choose an appropriate power supply and wiring size to ensure that the LED strip receives enough power to operate correctly without overheating or causing a fire hazard.

WS2815 vs WS2812 RGB LED strip, similarities and differences

WS2815 and WS2812 are both popular addressable LED chips used in LED lighting products, but they differ in a few key ways. Here are some similarities and differences between the two:


Both are RGB LED chips: WS2815 and WS2812 are both RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED chips, meaning that each LED can emit any color in the visible spectrum.

Both are individually addressable: Each LED in both WS2815 and WS2812 can be individually controlled, allowing for the creation of complex lighting effects.

Both use a one-wire communication protocol: WS2815 and WS2812 use a single-wire communication protocol to transmit data to the LEDs, making them easy to control with microcontrollers.


Voltage: WS2812 RGB LED strip operates on a 5V power supply, while WS2815 RGB pixel LED tape is designed to work with 12V power supply. This means that WS2815 can handle higher voltage and is more robust when it comes to voltage fluctuations.

Backup data line: WS2815 RGB pixel LED tape has a backup data line, which means that if one LED fails or is disconnected, the data can still be transmitted to the next LED in the chain. WS2812 does not have a backup data line, which can lead to data transmission problems if one LED fails.

Data transmission frequency: WS2815 RGB pixel LED tape has a higher data transmission frequency compared to WS2812. WS2815 can handle a data transmission frequency of up to 800 KHz, while WS2812 can only handle up to 400 KHz.

Power consumption: WS2815 consumes more power compared to WS2812. WS2815 draws 60mA per LED at full brightness, while WS2812 draws 50mA per LED.

In summary, WS2815 and WS2812 are both popular RGB LED chips used in lighting projects, but they differ in voltage, backup data line, data transmission frequency, and power consumption. WS2815 is more robust and can handle higher voltage, while WS2812 is more power lower data transmission frequency.

How to control WS2815 addressable RGB LED strips?

To control a DC12V WS2815 addressable RGB LED strip, you will need an offline mini controller or online controller and a DC12V output power supply.

Here are the steps to control the LED strip: 

Connect the DC12V power supply to the LED strip. Make sure to connect the positive and negative leads correctly.

Connect the data line from the LED strip to the LED controller. The WS2815 RGB pixel LED tape uses a three-wire connect design, V+, GND, and Data. The data wire needs to be connected to the digital output pins on the controller.

If you have chosen a mini controller such as SP107E or SP601E, it’s simple to adjust the light to display different effects through press the mode button, some Bluetooth and Wifi mini controllers support brightness adjustment and music control. However, the mini controllers cannot be programmed by the user, they can only use built-in programs.

If you want the LED strips to show a specific effect or a pattern, the K-1000C and K-8000C LED controllers are both suitable for you. They can be programmed when matching LEDEdit and LEDPlayer software.

Note: Be sure to read the datasheet for the WS2815 LED strip and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for wiring and power supply requirements to avoid damaging the LEDs.


WS2815 RGB pixel LED tape allows for individual control of each LED on the strip, resulting in a wide range of color and pattern possibilities. These strips feature built-in WS2815 ICs, which are a newer version of the popular WS2812B LEDs, with improved data transfer stability and backup power capabilities. The DC12V power requirement allows for easier power supply options, and the strips can be cut to custom lengths for various lighting applications. 

In a word, WS2815 RGB pixel LED tapes offer a lot of benefits and are a great choice for anyone who needs colorful lighting effects in their home, office, or commercial space.