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APA102 2020 LED Strips sunlite

APA102 2020 LED Strip

DC5V 135LEDs/m 200LEDs/m 

Ultra Thin Programmable LED Strip Light

APA102 2020 LED Strip Lighting

APA102 2020 LED Strips blue
APA102 2020 LED Strips green
APA102 2020 LED Strips yellow
APA102 2020 LED Strips rgb

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APA102 2020 LED Strip Lighting Effects

Individual Control: APA102 2020 LED strip is a type of built-in IC addressable LED strip that features individually addressable LEDs, which can be controlled separately to create a wide range of lighting effects. 

High Brightness: Despite its small size, this strip is known for its high brightness. It can provide bright and vibrant lighting in a variety of applications.

Fast Refresh Rate: APA102 2020 LED strip has a fast refresh rate, which means that it can update the lighting display quickly and accurately. This is particularly important in applications where the lighting needs to match the beat of music or other audio cues.

Versatile Size: The 3mm and 3.5mm width is designed to be a versatile size that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Overall, the ultra thin APA102 2020 LED strips offer unique features that make them ideal for different lighting applications. Whether you need a compact and energy-efficient lighting source, or a larger and brighter lighting strip with a fast refresh rate, the APA102 2020 LED strip will be a great choice.

Accessories: LED Strip Connectors

APA107 vs APA102 Addressable LED Strip

Table of Contents

APA102 pixel LED light strip is a very classic product with a high reputation in the LED market. Because of the two-wire (CLK&DAT) data transmission, the refresh rate is very high. With the development of technology in this industry, many products with similar functions to APA102 have appeared on the market, among which there is APA107. Let’s read about the difference between APA107 and APA102.

Difference between APA107 vs APA102

APA102 is developed by a Chinese Taiwan company, designed by the original factory, and has a relatively complicated structure. The refresh rate can reach 20+KHZ, and the transmission rate can reach 30mHZ. At that time, the parameters of other products were not as high as it was. However, high parameters also mean high prices and low sales.

Considering that the price of APA102 is too expensive, APA107 was launched soon. APA107 can be regarded as the economic version, the price is even cheaper. However, its disadvantages are also obvious, the refresh rate is only 9KHZ, and the transmission rate is 15MHZ.

Table-1: APA107 vs APA102




SMD Type



Refresh rate



Transmission rate






Commons between APA107 vs APA102

APA107 and APA102 have a lot of similarities, you can see the following points.

(1) CMOS process, low voltage, low power consumption

(2)Synchronous transmission of the clock and data channels

(3) Both LEDs are optional positive output or negative RGB three-color LED output 8-bit — 256-level color setting, 5-bit (32-level) brightness adjustment Build-20ma constant current output.

(4) Built-in self-detection signal, supports continuous oscillation PWM output, can be maintained static screen.

What is APA107?

apa107 led chip

APA107 is a set of controlled LED light source which integrates smart control circuit and light emitting circuit. The APA107 LED is usually used in SMD 5050 LED.  The APA107 IC adopts CMOS technology to provide three-color RGB LED output drive, and can adjust 256 levels of grayscale and 32 levels of brightness adjustment output. APA has two signal output modes, one is clock and the other is data, the clock and data are synchronous, so that the crystal cascaded chips of the output action are synchronous.

What is APA102?

apa102 led chip

APA102 is designed by Taiwan APA Electronics Company, it is also called “Superled”. APA102 control circuit and LED integrated into 5050/2020 SMD package. The APA102 is an SPI-based chipset in a package similar to the WS2812 but possibly with a higher data rate. APA102 uses the standard two-wire SPI protocol – one clock wire and one data wire. There are two inputs and two outputs for each LED.

APA107 and APA102 Applications

(1) LED lamp, LED Strip, LED pixel module

(2) Full color LED string light, LED appearance / scene lighting

(3) LED point light, LED pixel screen, a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment, etc.


APA107 and APA102 are CLK+DAT transmissions, apart from the price, there is not much difference between them. With the development of technology, there are more products that can replace them. You can check the difference between WS2812B and APA102. Shenzhen Suntech has focused on the production of addressable LED strips and regular LED strips for more than ten years. Our products have passed the certifications of CE, FCC and RoHS, etc., and have received unanimous praise from customers all over the world. If you want to buy LED strip lights or more pixel lighting products, please visit our website or send us an email inquiry at [email protected]

APA102 Pixel LED Strip Light Applications

apa102 rgb led strip applications


Living Room: Used to create mood lighting in the living room, including accent lighting behind TV units, bookshelves, and artwork.

Bedroom: Used to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom. It can be installed behind headboards, dressers, and nightstands to create subtle and calming lighting effects that promote relaxation and sleep.

Kitchen: Used for under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, providing bright and vibrant lighting that enhances the functionality of the space. It can also be installed above or below cabinets to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Bathroom: Used for accent lighting in the bathroom, including behind mirrors, around vanities, and in shower niches. Its waterproof design and energy efficiency make it a safe and cost-effective lighting solution for the bathroom.

Home Theater: Used for home theater lighting, including creating backlighting behind the TV or projector screen and accent lighting around the room.

Nightclub Lighting: Used to add accent lighting to the bar area, highlighting the bar top, shelves, and bottles. It can be also installed behind the DJ booth or along the edges to create a dynamic and captivating lighting display.