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12V/24V Addressable LED Strip Light

12V/24V DMX CCT LED Strip – a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution ideal for residential and commercial settings. With adjustable CCT technology, you can choose from warm, cool, or daylight white options. The DMX controller allows for customization with color effects, dimming, and temperature adjustments. It’s easy to install with 12V/24V input voltage and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance and brightness. Perfect for accent lighting in homes or businesses. Order today for a tailored environment.

Item: ST-DMX-5PIN-CCT-60-12
LED Qty: 60 
Voltage: DC12V
Cutting Unit: 50 mm

Power: 19.2 W/m 
Pixel Qty: 20 Pixels
Break Continue: Yes
PCB Width: 10mm

Installation is effortless thanks to the adhesive backing, and CCT DMX 12V LED strip can be cut to fit specific lengths for personal use or larger commercial projects.

Item: ST-DMX-CCT-60-24V
LED Qty: 60
Voltage: DC24V
Cutting Unit: 100mm

Power: 14.4 W/m 
Pixel Qty: 10 Pixels
Break Continue: Yes
PCB Width: 10mm

24V DMX CCT LED strip is a professional addressable white lighting solution, each LED has 3 kinds of white color, meeting different color temperatures.

Product Parameters

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QtyLED QtyCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
ST-DMX-5PIN-CCT-60-24VDC24V 14.4 W/m10 Pixels60100 mmYes10 mm

DC12V White CCT LED Strip vs. DC24V White CCT LED Strip

DMX White CCT strip light

Accessories: waterproof & non-waterproof connectors