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WS2818 Arduino LED Strip

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Product Parameters

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QuantityLED QuantityCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
STE-TTL-4PIN-RGB-60-12VDC12V14.4W/M20 pixels/m60 LEDs/m50mmYes10mm
STE-TTL-4PIN-RGB-60-24VDC24V14.4W/M10 pixels/m60 LEDs/m100mmYes10mm
STE-TTL-4PIN-RGB-72-12VDC12V17.2W/M24 pixels/m72 LEDs/m41.6mmYes8mm
STE-TTL-4PIN-RGB-72-24VDC24V17.2W/M12 pixels/m72 LEDs/m83.3mmYes8mm

WS2818 Arduino LED Strip Lighting Pictures

WS2818 arduino LED strip supplier
WS2818 arduino LED strip green
WS2818 arduino LED strip red
WS2818 arduino LED strip blue
WS2818 arduino LED strip factory
WS2818 arduino LED strip wholesale
WS2818 arduino LED strip yellow
WS2818 best arduino LED strip

WS2818 arduino LED strip is a popular addressable LED strip that can be controlled by an Arduino microcontroller board. With the help of Arduino programming, you can create various lighting effects on the WS2818 LED strip, such as rainbow, color wipe, sparkle, fade, and pulse. 

The left video shows kinds of lighting effects by using the mini LED intelligent controller, and these lighting modes are the built-in programs of the controller. You can choose a programmable LED controller to do some creativity and experimentation,creating unique lighting patterns that suit your needs and preferences.

We will match the suitable controllers for you according to your needs.

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WS2818 vs WS2815: Understanding the Key Features and Benefits

Table of Contents

What is a WS2818 arduino LED strip

WS2818 is a type of addressable LED strip that is commonly used in DIY projects and commercial lighting applications. Each small group of LEDs on the strip can be controlled individually, allowing for a wide range of dynamic lighting effects and animations.

The WS2818 arduino LED strip uses a communication protocol called the “One Wire” protocol, which allows data to be transmitted to each LED on the strip over a single data line. The data is sent in a specific format that includes the color and brightness information for each LED.

These LED strips can be controlled by microcontrollers such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other compatible controllers, using libraries and code that are readily available online.

One advantage of WS2818 arduino LED strip is that they can be cut to any desired length, and the remaining LEDs on the strip will still work as long as they are powered properly. This makes them highly customizable and versatile for a wide range of lighting applications.

WS2818 vs WS2815, which one is better?

LED strip have become very popular in recent years. They are very practical, especially when it comes to areas or places where bright and colorful light is needed. You can use these tools anywhere to enhance your attention and boost your creativity. One of the best-selling LED light strips on the market today are the WS2815 and WS2818 addressable LED strips. Yes, many people are confused about the difference between the two kinds of strip lights.

Here, we will gradually introduce the differences between the LED strips for your reference.

ws2818 vs WS2815 strip

Parameters differences

Shenzhen SuntechLEDs specializes in manufacturing addressable LED strip lights and other pixel lighting fixtures. The company’s strict control of product quality is highly praised by the majority of users.

Table: Comparison between WS2818 and WS2815

LED chip size50505050
ICExternal ICBuilt-in IC
Break continuesYesYes
Output Channel33
Cut SegmentEvery 3 LEDs/ 6LEDsEach LED

Voltage requirement

WS2818 operates at 12V or 24V, while WS2815 can operate at only 12V. This means that WS2818 can handle higher voltage and can be connected for a longer strip without voltage drop. 

In summary, the WS2818 may be a better choice for high-speed applications that require faster data transfer, higher voltage range, and higher output current. However, the WS2815 may be more suitable for applications where compatibility with WS2812 is required, and lower power consumption is preferred.

Reverse voltage protection

WS2818 has built-in reverse voltage protection, while WS2815 does not. This means that if you accidentally connect the power supply to the wrong end of the strip, the WS2818 arduino LED strip will not be damaged, while the WS2815 might be.

Signal transmission

WS2818 and WS2815 both use a dual-signal protocol. This means that they can still transmit signal while one LED is broken on the strip.

In conclusion, both types of LED strip lights are high-quality and can produce a wide range of colors and effects. The choice between WS2818 and WS2815 will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the project.

Why are my WS2818 RGB LED strip lights not working?

There are several reasons why your WS2818 arduino LED strip lights might not be working. Here are some things you can check:

Power supply: Make sure the power supply you are using is compatible with the LED strip and is providing enough power. LED strips require a specific voltage and amperage to work correctly, so check the specifications of your LED strip to ensure your power supply meets these requirements.

Connection issues: Check that the connections between the LED strip and the controller are secure and properly connected. Sometimes the wires can come loose or the connectors can become disconnected, causing the LED strip to malfunction.

Controller issues: The controller could be damaged or malfunctioning. Try using a different controller to see if this resolves the issue.

Programming issues: If you have programmed the LED strip to display specific colors or patterns, make sure the programming is correct and is not causing the LED strip to malfunction.

Faulty LED lights: The LED lights themselves may be faulty. Try replacing the LED strip to see if this resolves the issue.

By checking these potential issues, you can diagnose and potentially fix the problem with your WS2818 RGB LED strip lights.


There are many LED lights on the market today that are all pretty much the same, so if you can notice the subtle differences, you can easily find what you need. After reading this article I am sure you will have a better understanding of the differences between WS2815 and WS2818. Shenzhen SuntechLite specializes in manufacturing addressable LED strip lights and other pixel lighting fixtures. The company’s strict control of product quality is highly praised by the majority of users.