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How to check LED strip quality

Suntech Lite is a top manufacturer and supplier that focuses on pixel LED strips and LED neon lights.

  • LED strip PCB thickness:

     The thickness of the general PCB on the market is 0.2mm. The thickness of the copper used in the PCB board — the thicker the copper the more current can flow and the more efficient the strip is.

     Suntech company’s 12v is connected to 5m led strip, 24v is connected to 10m led strip, the voltage drop is very small, almost no voltage drop.

    The 60LEDs/m light strip of Suntech has a thickness of 0.25, and the thickness of 120LEDs/m is 0.36mm.  Both are thicker than other companies.

The comparison of thickness 2
The comparison of thickness
  • Resistor:

    Resistor SMD1.2mm*0.6mm,Heat dissipation is good, high temperature resistance and very stable.

    The resistors used by Suntech company are guaranteed authentic and antioxidant.

  • Capacitor:

    Dual capacitor design can protect the IC, and the signal transmission is stable.

    Suntech company uses a dual capacitor design,one is filter capacitor, one is current limiter. If you touch the capacitor with your hands, it will not burn out, and it will not burn out if the positive and negative poles are reversed in a short period of time.

    And our capacitors and resistors come from the following two companies:

   Please see the picture below, the difference between the 12v WS2818 produced by

Suntech company and other companies.

Capacitor Comparison of RGB
Capacitor Comparison of RGBW

    The figure below shows the function of all components. Suntech independently designed PCB to meet more needs. Please click on the link below:

Addressable LED strip unique PCB design by Sunlite

the function of each component
The Function of Each Component
  • Led strip connection:

    Tin is added to the connection of the light strip, which is convenient for welding after cutting. The solder joints are full, and there will be no false welding.

Led strip connection
  • LED brand:

    The approximate brightness achieved on the market is 2000mcd.

    The brand of LED lights used by Suntech company is Epistar, RGB lamp bead brightness up to about 2700mcd.

    Most of our LEDs are from REFONG:

  • Back side of PCB board:

    There is a line mark design on the back of the PCB board,and the light strip is inserted into the neon tube for easy cutting.

Back side of PCB board
Back side of PCB board
  • Wire:

    Cold resistance, high temperature resistance (below 105 degrees), flameretardant, Anti-uv. All products of Suntech Company will have two more wires, which are specially used for power supply.


    For IP67 waterproof LED Strip, Suntech will make the wire longer (about 1cm) at the connector, This prevents water from seeping in, and even if water seeps into the edge of the LED strip, it is not easily damaged.

IP67 waterproof LED Strip Wire
IP67 waterproof LED Strip Wire
  • Adhesive:

    Genuine 3M LSE, will not fall off.

    As can be seen from the picture below, the genuine 3M LSE is transparent under the light, It is enough to prove that the stickiness is very strong. On the contrary, use inferior 3M LSE, the led strip will not be very sticky.

Adhesive roll
Genuine 3m LSE and Inferior 3m LSE
  • Connector:

    The cores of Suntech connectors are all solid core pins, and somecompanies may use hollow pins. Please see the comparison chart below:


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