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WS2815 Everything You Need To Know

Suntech Lite is a top manufacturer and supplier that focuses on pixel LED strips and LED neon lights.

WS2815 Addressable LED Strip is a popular choice for lighting enthusiasts and professionals alike, thanks to its advanced features and versatility. With the built-in smart WS2815 LED chip, the WS2815 LED strip can be controlled individually and programmed to meet specific lighting requirements. This article will explore everything you need to know about the WS2815 LED strip from the advantages, wiring methods, and applications.

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WS2815 IC Introduction

WS2815 built in IC

The WS2815 IC is a programmable RGB LED chip with built-in control circuitry that provides stability and ease of use. All electronic components of WS2815 are integrated into a 5050 LED, without any other peripheral electronic components to form a complete external control pixel. At the same time, it reduces the false welding caused by product installation and the poor quality caused.


Here is a table to shows the basic parameters of WS2815 IC:

Signal WireDual Signal WiresBreak ContinueYes
Signal Transmission Distance5MCascade NumberWhen refresh rate is 30fps, cascade number is 1024pixels
Refresh Frequency2KHzData Transmission Speed800Kbps
Power supply voltage9.5~13.5VGray level256

For more details about WS1815 IC, please click: WS2815 Datasheet Download


Serial cascading interface: Dual-signal wire transmission, realizing the breakpoint resume transmission function of the illusion lighting, in which a single pixel point damage will not cause other pixels to light up normally, and will not affect the overall light strip at all.

Intelligent reverse connection protection: If the product is installed and connected to a 12v power supply, it will not cause damage to the LED lamp bead in the case of a reverse connection.

The three primary colors of each pixel can realize 256 grayscale brightness display, and complete the full true color display of 16,777,216 colors. The scanning frequency of the port is 2KHz/s.

Understanding WS2815 LED Strip

WS2815 rgb led strip signal direction

The WS2815 LED strip is a versatile lighting solution that offers individual addressability and dual data transmission capabilities. These unique features make it a popular choice for various lighting applications where precise control and advanced effects are desired.

Individual Addressable

The WS2815 LED strip is individually addressable, which means that each LED on the strip can be controlled independently. This level of control allows for creating captivating lighting displays with dynamic patterns, color variations, and animations. Whether it’s for decorative lighting, art installations, or stage performances, the individual addressability of WS2815 LED strips opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Dual Data Transmission

Unlike its predecessor, the WS2813 LED strip, the WS2815 strip incorporates dual data transmission. This dual data feature adds an extra layer of reliability to the lighting system. In case one LED fails or gets damaged, the data signal can bypass the faulty LED and continue transmitting to the rest of the strip, ensuring that the entire lighting display remains operational. This redundancy is particularly advantageous for large-scale installations where stability and continuity are crucial.

With dual data transmission, the WS2815 LED strip offers increased fault tolerance and protects against potential disruptions in the lighting effects caused by individual LED failures.

Advantages of Using WS2815 LED Strip

The WS2815 LED strip offers numerous advantages, making it a preferred choice for lighting enthusiasts and professionals seeking high-quality, customizable lighting solutions. Here are some key advantages of using the WS2815 LED strip:

  • Versatile Individual Addressability

One of the significant advantages of the WS2815 LED strip is its individual addressability feature. Each LED on the strip can be controlled independently, allowing for precise customization of colors, brightness levels, and effects. This versatility enables the creation of captivating lighting displays with intricate patterns, flowing animations, and dynamic color transitions. Whether it’s for decorative purposes, artistic installations, or stage performances, the individual addressability of WS2815 LED strips empowers users to bring their creative visions to life.

  • Breakpoint Resume Transmission

The WS2815 LED strip has a breakpoint resume function, which significantly enhances the reliability of the lighting system. In the event of an LED failure or damage, the dual data feature ensures that the data signal can bypass the faulty LED and continue transmitting to the rest of the strip.

  • Easy Installation and Integration

WS2815 LED strips are designed for easy installation and integration into lighting setups. They typically come with adhesive backing, allowing for effortless mounting on various surfaces. The inclusion of solder pads or connectors simplifies the wiring process, making it convenient to connect multiple strips together or integrate them with compatible controllers.

  • Seamless Color Mixing and High Color Accuracy

The WS2815 LED strip ensures seamless color mixing capabilities, allowing for precise control over the color output. Each LED on the strip contains red, green, and blue (RGB) diodes that can be individually adjusted to create a wide spectrum of colors.

  • Wide Range of Applications

The WS2815 LED strip finds applications in various lighting projects due to its versatility and advanced features. It is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor environments, making it a popular choice for home lighting, commercial installations, architectural lighting, stage and event lighting, signage, and holiday decorations.

Addressable LED Strip controller application

Types of WS2815 LED Strip

Wiring WS2815 LED Strip

Wiring the WS2815 LED strip is a straightforward process, and here is a wiring diagram for reference. And we have made a video to describe how to connect and control WS2815 WS2815 LED strip, please check:

WS2815 LED strip wiring diagram

When the pixels are beyond one controller’s max capability, we can cascade the controller. Please power again for the DC12V WS2815 LED strip every 5 meters to ensure stable performance. And if you want to connect the WS2815 LED strip to a long distance, we have the SPI signal amplifier to avoid the signal weakening. Know more about SPI amplifier work: Signal Amplifier Enhance Pixel Lighting

Different Options of RGBIC LED Strip Lights: Which One To Choose

RGBIC LED strip lights offer stunning lighting effects and vibrant colors, making them a popular choice for various applications. Among the different options available, WS2815, WS2812B, SK6812, and WS2811 are widely used. In this article, we will compare WS2815 with WS2812B, SK6812, and WS2811 to help you choose the right RGBIC LED strip lights for your project.

WS2815 vs WS2812B

WS2812B led vs WS2815 led

WS2815 and WS2812B are both individually addressable LED strip lights, but they differ in terms of their structure and voltage requirements. WS2815 operates at 12V, making it more suitable for longer runs and minimizing voltage drop issues. On the other hand, WS2812B operates at 5V and is commonly used for smaller installations. If you have a larger project or require longer runs, WS2815 is the recommended choice due to its higher voltage capability.
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WS2815 vs SK6812

ws2815 led vs sk6812 led

WS2815 and SK6812 LED strip lights are similar in terms of their applications. However, they differ in terms of their control protocols. WS2815 uses the WS2811 control protocol, which is widely supported by various controllers and software. SK6812 LED strip, on the other hand, uses a different protocol that is compatible with WS2812B. If you already have WS2812B-compatible controllers or software, SK6812 can be a suitable choice. Otherwise, WS2815 offers better compatibility and a wider range of control options.
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WS2815 vs WS2811

WS2815 vs WS2811

WS2815 and WS2811 are both 12V LED strip lights, but they differ in terms of their control protocols. WS2815 uses the WS2811 protocol, while WS2811 uses its own protocol. If you have existing WS2811 controllers or software, it may be more convenient to choose WS2811 LED strip lights. However, if you prefer the benefits of individually addressable LEDs and compatibility with WS2811 controllers, WS2815 can be a suitable alternative.

WS2815 vs WS2814 vs WS2813

WS2813 vs WS2814 vs WS2815 LED strips

WS2813 and WS2815 LED strip support work with RGB LED, but WS2814 can drive RGBW LED. So WS2814 LED strip has stronger color mixing ability and better color expression. WS2183 and WS2815 strip lights use 6 PIN configuration IC, and WS2814 uses 12 PIN configuration IC. 

When choosing RGBIC LED strip lights, it’s essential to consider factors such as voltage requirements, control protocols, and compatibility with existing controllers or software.

What to Consider When Choosing Addressable RGB LED Strip

When it comes to choosing the right addressable RGB LED strip, there are several factors to consider. Here are the most important factors need to consider:

LED Type: There are many different types of LEDs used in LED strips, such as 5050, 3528, and 2835. The 5050 type is the most popular because of its brightness and versatility. However, if you need a more compact strip, the 2835 type may be a better option.

Number of LEDs per Meter: The number of LEDs per meter determines the brightness and quality of the strip. More LEDs per meter will provide brighter and more even lighting, but may also be more expensive.

Waterproof Rating: If you plan to use the LED strip outdoors or in wet environments, it’s important to choose a strip with a high waterproof rating. Look for strips with an IP65 or higher rating to ensure they can withstand exposure to water.

How To Use WS2815 LED Strip: Ultimate Guide

WS2815 rgb led strip colorful lighting

The WS2815 LED strip is a popular choice for addressable RGB lighting. The following is a step-by-step using guidance:

(1) Prepare the Power Supply: The WS2815 strip requires a 12V DC power supply. Make sure you have the correct power supply and connect it to the strip.

(2) Connect the Controller: Connect the controller to the strip’s data input. The WS2815 uses a 4-pin JST connector, so make sure your controller has the same connector.

(3) Install the LED Strip: Install the strip in the desired location, using adhesive tape or clips. Make sure the strip is securely attached to the surface.

(4) Program the Controller: Use the controller software to program the LED strip. You can choose from a variety of colors and lighting effects, and even create your own custom designs.

(5) Test the Strip: Once the strip is programmed, test it to make sure everything is working correctly. If there are any issues, check the connections and programming.

Why Choose SuntechLite For Quality Digital LED Strip

SuntechLite is a trusted brand in the LED lighting industry, known for their high-quality digital LED strips. We offer kinds of high-quality programmable LED strips, including the WS2815 LED strip, WS2812 LED strip, SK6812 LED strip, and DMX LED strip to meet the needs of various lighting applications. Here are some reasons to choose SuntechLite for your LED lighting needs:

(1) Quality Materials: SuntechLite uses high-quality materials in their LED strips, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

(2) Customizable Options: SuntechLite offers a wide range of customizable options, including color, brightness, and length. This allows you to create the perfect lighting solution for your specific needs.

(3) Affordable Pricing: Despite their high quality, SuntechLite LED strips are priced affordably, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.

(4) Excellent Customer Service: SuntechLite provides excellent customer service, ensuring that their customers are satisfied with their products and providing support when needed.

SuntechLite has made some unique designs on addressable LED strip lights, including adding protection circuit components to enhance anti-interference and improve the stability and reliability of the light strip.

DC24V 2811RGB 5050


The WS2815 LED strip is a versatile lighting solution that offers many advantages, including individual addressable LEDs and compatibility with various controllers. When choosing an addressable RGB LED strip, it’s important to consider factors such as brightness, color accuracy, and power requirements. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home lighting or create a dynamic display for your business, the WS2815 pixel LED strip is an excellent choice. At SuntechLite, we provide quality addressable LED strips and complete control and program technical guidance. Welcome to send inquiry if you have need addressable LED strip lihgts.

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