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WS2812 vs WS2812B

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The WS2812B LED strip is an upgraded version of the WS2812.

The key distinction between WS2812B and WS2812 is that the WS2812 LED strip has a 5050 LED type, a PAD number of 6, and a reverse polarity protection circuit.

However, the LED type of the WS2812B LED strip is 2020 or 5050, the PAD Number is 4, and there is no reverse polarity protection circuit.

A Table Comparing WS2812 vs WS2812B LED Strip

Item WS2812 WS2812B
Voltage 5V 5V
LED Type 5050 5050/2020
LED   Qty/M 30leds/60leds 30leds/60leds/144leds/200leds
IC Built-in Built-in
Break   Continue No No
Color   Channels R,G,B R,G,B
heat   sinking Normal+ Better++
Reverse   Polarity Protection Circuit No Yes
PAD   Number 6 pins 4 pins
Brightness Normal+ Higher++
Color   Uniformity Normal+ Better++

WS2812B is also known as “Neopixels” as an intelligent control LED light source. Because WS2812B has improved efficiency and stability and is appropriate for a wide range of technical applications, it has a sizable market share. So, what is the difference? Let’s dig a little deeper.

ws2812 vs ws2812b

Video display: WS2812 vs WS2812B RGB strips

WS2812 vs WS2812B: Difference

Thermal and structural stability

In terms of structure, the WS2812B chip outperforms the WS2812. When altering the system, the manufacturer separates the two primary circuits of RGB lamp illumination and control circuits. As a result, the WS2812B control is more robust, and thermal performance is enhanced. Furthermore, because the two modules are unrelated, they operate independently and have a minimal wire distance. As a result, WS2812B stability will improve.

PAD Number

Despite its similar size, the WS2812B strip contains four pins as opposed to six pins on the WS2812. The WS2812B LED has only four pins, which decreases the possibility of unintentional short circuits and makes it more versatile than the WS2812.

Brightness and Color Uniformity

Improved color uniformity and higher brightness levels are two of the most significant advantages of WS2812B LED chips over WS2812.

Reverse Polarity Protection Circuit

When compared to the WS2812, the WS2812B includes a reverse protection circuit. The WS2812 LED light can be damaged by reverse polarity, but not the WS2812B module. As a result, you can improve the stability of your product. Because the protection circuit function is critical when utilizing tape, the safety performance of the WS2812B is significantly higher than that of the WS2812.

WS2812 vs WS2812B: Similarities

  • IC built-in: The circuit simpler and easier to install.
  • Individually addressable LED lights: one LED is a controllable point, you can control the color and brightness of each LED at will.
  • WS2812B/WS2812 does not have the break continue function.
  • LEDs are all RGB colors: each LED has three color channels (R, G, B).
  • Only work on DC5V: Use 5V controller and 5V power supply to run WS2812 LED strip light and WS2812B LED strip light.
  • You can use the control board (Arduino UNO/Raspberry Pi) to DIY control the WS2812/WS2812B LED lights or use a compatible SPI controller to control the color and brightness changes.

Suntech Lite can provide customized services for WS2812B LED strip products. Spot fast delivery WS2812B products are as follows:

ItemVoltagePowerPixel QtyLED QtyCutting UnitBreak ContinuePCB Width
STB-TTL-3PIN-RGB-200-5V-3.5mmDC5V40W/M200 pixels/m200 LEDs/m25mmNo3.5mm
STS-TTL-3PIN-RGB-60-5V-6mmDC5V12W/M60 pixels/m60 LEDs/m50mmNo6mm
STB-TTL–3PIN-RGB-60-5V-10mmDC5V18W/M60 pixels/m60 LEDs/m16.67mmNo10mm
STB-TTL–3PIN-RGB-144-5V-12mmDC5V43W/M144 pixels/m144 LEDs/m6.9mmNo12mm

For DC5V WS2812 LED strip, we have 30leds/m, 60leds/m, 144leds/m and 200leds/m with RGB, White, and CCT/WWA color to choose from.

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