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Transparent Cover RGB LED Bar

High-brightness & Easy install & Waterproof

Product Description


(1) LED linear light is a new type of linear light developed by our company.

(2) LED linear lights adopt high-quality PCB circuit boards to solve the problem of voltage drop, adopting high-brightness and super-high-quality LEDs. LED linear light is a kind of indoor and outdoor landscape decoration lights, mainly suitable for indoor buildings and outdoor landscape lighting applications.
(3) LED linear lights are easy to install and can be made into waterproof and non-waterproof lights. And the LED linear lights have the characteristics of high brightness, uniform luminosity, and no glare. The flashing effect can be freely set according to the environment and your requirements. The products mainly include monochrome plus magic color RGB and magic color RGBW, etc.
(4) LED Linear light can be made into two external control modes: DMX512 and TTL.
(5) The shell of the LED linear light is mainly composed of imported PC materials and high-quality aluminum alloy. The main advantages of PC materials are high-quality heat resistance, good transparency and high impact resistance and other physical and mechanical properties, and has the advantages of high light transmittance, corrosion resistance, and UV resistance.

Product Dimensions

SPI LED bar light Product Dimensions

Installation Notes

(1) Please read the manual in detail before installation.
(2) Before installation, make sure that the working voltage of the LED Linear light matches the output
voltage of the switching power supply you purchased.
(3) When installing, pay attention to the wiring label of the lamp. The red wire is connected to “positive (+)”,
the black wire is connected to “negative (-)”, and other colors are detailed on the wiring label of the lamp. The wiring must be powered off during installation.
(4) It is strictly forbidden to cut off the male and female head wires with electricity, so as not to burn out the lamps in the short-circuit.
(5) LED Linear light with control must comply with the male in and female out, and the direction of the signal must be connected in series when connecting the lamps.
(6) This lamp is forbidden to be disassembled without permission, if it is disassembled without permission, our company will not bear the warranty.

Simple troubleshooting

(1) When the lamp does not turn on when it is powered on: check whether the switching power supply has a working output voltage, or whether the working voltage of the switching power supply is normal.
(2) After the switch power supply works normally, the lamp still does not light up: check whether the signal line of the lamp is connected incorrectly or whether the connection is normal, and check whether the controller works normally and whether it has been powered on.
(3) The above work is normal, but the lamp still does not light up: check whether the SD card of the controller has been inserted, and whether there is a program in the SD card.
(4) The lamp jumps or flickers: Check whether the negative pole of the lamp is connected in parallel with the negative pole of the switching power supply including the GND of the controller.
(5) If the above inspection is completed, it is still out of control, please contact our sales staff to deal with it.

Product Parameters

Product Specification (Customization Available)

(1) Control Method: TTL

ModelLength (mm)ShellBase Size (mm)LED Pixel (piece)Control MethodIP RatingPower (Watt)LED ColorPixel Qty. (piece)Voltage (V)
Milky white,
Square, Round
Milky white,
Square, Round
Milky white,
Square, Round

(2) Control Method: DMX

ModelLength (mm)ShellBase Size (mm)LED Pixel (piece)Control MethodIP RatingPower (Watt)LED ColorPixel Qty. (piece)Voltage (V)
Milky white,
Square, Round
Milky white,
Square, Round
Milky white,
Square, Round

Transparent Cover RGB LED Bar

DMX LED bar light
DMX LED bar Square light
Square shell pixel LED bar
Transparent cover addressable LED bar

Transparent Cover RGB LED Bar Lighting Effect

Complete Introduction to Transparent Cover RGB LED Bars

Table of Contents


If you’re looking to add a touch of color and vibrancy to your surroundings, look no further than transparent cover RGB LED bars. These versatile lighting solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their incredible customization options and stunning visual effects. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of transparent cover RGB LED bars and learn how they can transform your space.

Components and Features of Transparent Cover RGB LED Bars

RGB Rigid LED Bars consist of four main components that work together to create the desired lighting effects:

LED Pixels: These tiny diodes emit light in red, green, and blue (RGB) colors. By adjusting the intensity of each color, it’s possible to create a wide range of color combinations. The density of the pixels on the bar determines the overall resolution and brightness of the light.

Transparent Cover: The transparent cover protects the LED pixels and circuit board from dust and damage while allowing the light to pass through. This cover also helps diffuse the light, creating a more uniform and soft glow.

Circuit Board: The circuit board connects the LED pixels and provides the necessary power and control signals. It is typically made of a rigid material, such as aluminum or FR4, which adds structural support to the LED bar.

Power Supply and Controllers: The power supply unit provides the required voltage and current to the LED bar, while the controller allows users to adjust the color, intensity, and animations of the light.

5 Amazing Applications of a Transparent Cover RGB LED Bar

Home Decoration

From accentuating architectural features to creating cozy reading nookstransparent cover RGB LED bars can add a touch of magic to any home. Use them as under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, behind your TV for an immersive viewing experience, or even as a colorful nightlight in your kid’s room.

Gaming Setup

Gamers, rejoice! RGB LED bars can help elevate your gaming setup by adding vibrant, customizable lighting. Place them behind your monitor, under your desk, or around your gaming chair, and sync them with your other RGB peripherals for an immersive gaming experience.

Outdoor Events

Whether it’s a wedding, a backyard BBQ, or a music festival, transparent cover RGB LED bars can create a stunning visual experience for any outdoor event. Use them to light up pathways, create dynamic stage lighting, or as a unique centerpiece at your party.

Business Signage

RGB LED bars can add a modern, eye-catching touch to your business signage. Use them to outline the shape of your logo, create an illuminated storefront sign, or showcase your company’s colors in a captivating display.

Art Installations

Artists and designers can use transparent cover RGB LED bars to create mesmerizing light installations that captivate viewers. From interactive exhibits to large-scale sculptures, the possibilities are endless.

How to Choose the Right Transparent Cover RGB LED Bar


Consider the length and width of the LED bar that will best suit your needs. Measure the area where you plan to install it, and choose a bar that fits comfortably within those dimensions.


Brightness is an important factor to consider, especially if you need the bar for functional illumination. Look for models with adjustable brightness settings, so you can fine-tune the intensity to suit your needs.

Connectivity Options

Some RGB LED bars come with wireless connectivity features, allowing you to control them via a smartphone app or smart home system. If you want a seamless integration with your existing smart home setup, look for bars with compatible connectivity options.


Choose an LED bar with a robust, weather-resistant construction if you plan to use it outdoors. Look for models with IP ratings that indicate their level of protection against dust and water.

Installation Tips and Best Practices

  • Plan the layout of your LED bars and wiring before installation to ensure a clean and efficient setup.
  • Use appropriate mounting hardware or adhesive tape to secure the LED bars in place.
  • Ensure that the power supply and controller are compatible with the LED bars and can handle the required voltage and current.
  • Test the LED bars and controller before mounting them permanently to avoid potential issues.
  • Follow any additional installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer.


Transparent cover RGB LED bars offer an incredible combination of versatility, customization, and visual appeal. With a wide range of applications and easy installation, these lighting solutions can transform any space into a vibrant, inviting atmosphere. Explore the world of RGB LED bars and unlock your creativity today.


  1. Are transparent cover RGB LED bars energy-efficient?

    • Yes, LEDs are known for their energy efficiency and typically consume far less power than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting options.
  2. Can I use a transparent cover RGB LED bar in a wet environment?

    • If the LED bar is rated for outdoor use or has a suitable IP rating, it should be able to withstand exposure to moisture. However, always check the manufacturer’s specifications before installing it in a wet environment.
  3. How long do RGB LED bars typically last?

    • Quality RGB LED bars can have a lifespan of 25,000 to 50,000 hours or more, depending on usage and environmental factors.
  4. Is it safe to leave my transparent cover RGB LED bar on for extended periods?

    • Generally, RGB LED bars are safe to leave on for extended periods, as they produce minimal heat and consume low amounts of energy. However, it’s always a good idea to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific recommendations.
  5. Can I synchronize multiple RGB LED bars together?

    • Many RGB LED bars allow for synchronization with other bars or compatible devices, enabling you to create coordinated lighting effects across multiple fixtures. Check the product specifications to determine if this feature is available.
  6. Are there any restrictions on where I can install a transparent cover RGB LED bar?

    • As long as the installation surface is clean, dry, and capable of supporting the LED bar, there should be minimal restrictions on where you can install it. However, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and local building codes.
  7. Can I use transparent cover RGB LED bars with my existing smart home system?

    • Some RGB LED bars are compatible with popular smart home systems, allowing you to control them alongside your other smart devices. Check for compatibility with your specific system before purchasing.
  8. Do transparent cover RGB LED bars come in different shapes or configurations?

    • While most RGB LED bars are linear, some manufacturers offer alternative shapes or configurations, such as rings, panels, or flexible strips. Explore the available options to find the perfect fit for your project.