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SK9822 vs SK6812

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Addressable LED strips have revolutionized the lighting industry, providing unrivaled flexibility, energy efficiency, and lighting design possibilities. Facing the various similar look LED strip lights, which one should you choose? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the SK9822 and SK6812 strip lights, and the specifics of each one, to help you make an informed decision.

SK9822 VS SK6812 1

SK9822 vs SK6812, what’s the difference?

First, let’s take a quick look at the comparison chart to understand their differences and similarities.

Compare Table: SK9822 vs SK6812 LED Strip

Item SK9822 SK6812
IC Type SK9822 built-in IC SK6812 built-in IC
PIN Configuration 6 pin 4 pin
Strip Voltage DC5V DC5V/12V/24V
Voltage Drop High DC5V:High
Refresh Rate 30MHZ 1MHZ
Clock Wire Yes No
Clock Date Yes No
Individual Control Yes Yes
Date Transmission Speed 800Kbps 800Kbps
Gray Level 256 256
Waterproof Rating IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68 IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68

From the table above we can see that there are many differences and similarities between SK9822 and SK6812 addressable LED light strips. Now, let’s compare SK9822 and SK6812 based on several important factors.


IC Type

SK9822 light strip uses SK9822 built-in IC, and SK6812 light strip also support built-in IC.


SK9822 supports RGB effects, while SK6812 can support RGB and RGBW. Therefore, the SK6812 LED light strip has stronger color mixing capabilities and better color expression.

PIN Configuration

PIN Configuration

SK9822 strip lights use 6 PIN configuration IC, and SK6812 uses 4 PIN configuration IC.

For 6-pin configurations, common pin functions include power (VCC) pin, clock line input (CKI) pin, clock line output (CKO) pin, data output (SDO), data input (SDI) pin, and Ground (GND) pin. This configuration facilitates signal transmission and has a break-point continue function.

The 4-pin SK6812 is relatively simple. The pin functions include a power supply (VDD) pin, a data output (DOUT) pin, a data input (DIN) pin and a ground (VSS) pin.

Strip Voltage

SK9822 light strip can only support 5V voltage, while SK6812 can support 5~24V.

Voltage Drop

The voltage drop will be higher when using a 5V light strip, and the higher the voltage, the smaller the voltage drop. Therefore, SK6812 can support smaller voltage drop than SK9822.

If you are concerned about voltage drop, you can learn about Suntech Lite’s latest voltage-drop-free LED strip.

Refresh Rate

The maximum serial input data rate of the SK9822 is 30MHZ, while the SK6812 is only 1MHZ.

Clock Wire and Clock Date

SK9822 has a signal line and a clock line, so it has clock date while the SK6812 has a single signal line and no clock date.


SK9822 and SK6812 LED strips are all color-changing pixel LED strips, so they have some similarities.

  • Data transmission speed can reach 800Kbps.
  • 256 Gray Level: The PWM control terminal can realize 256 levels of adjustment.
  • Individual control: Support individual control.

Deep Dive into SK9822 and SK6812

After comparing SK9822 vs SK6812 digital LED strips, we now dive into the specifics of each kind of LED strip.

SK9822 LED Pixel Light

What is SK9822 LED Pixel Light

SK9822 Datasheet Download

SK9822 has a maximum serial input data rate of 30MHZ and is a two-wire data transmission. The double data transmission, built-in support uninterrupted oscillation PWM output, can maintain a static image. Therefore, SK9822 is more suitable for display screens than SK6812.

Features of SK9822 LED Strip

The SK9822 operates at a 5V power supply. It features an individual control and dual-data-wire design, meaning each LED can receive and transmit signals, allowing for seamless communication even if one LED fails.

SK6812 Pixel Light

What is SK6812 LED Pixel Light

The SK6812 has a wider color spectrum, including RGB, RGBW, WWA and white light. And SK6812 can support external IC. Therefore, SK6812 can support smaller voltage drop and can be suitable for working under voltages of 5V, 12V and 24V.

Features of SK6812 LED Strip

The most significant advantage of the SK6812 LED light strip over the SK9822 is that it can produce more colors than the SK9822, providing superior color mixing capabilities and enhanced flexibility for custom color schemes. SK6812 can support RGBW, while SK9822 can only provide RGB.

Choosing between SK9822 vs SK6812

When choosing between SK9822 vs SK6812 LED strips, it’s essential to consider their specific features and your project requirements. When choosing between these three options, consider the following factors:

  • Power supply compatibility: If you prefer using a 12V or 24V power supply, consider SK6812 for reduced voltage drop over longer distances.
  • Project complexity: If you require more clear dynamic effects, SK9822 provide more robust fault tolerance.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific project requirements, such as fault tolerance, control capabilities, and power supply compatibility. Review the specifications and features of each LED strip type, and select the one that best aligns with your needs.


In conclusion, through SK9822 and SK6812, we know that the SK9822 and SK6812 strips each offer unique features, making them suitable for different applications. While they share some similarities, their differences in voltage requirements, color, and voltage drop make them better suited to different needs. Understanding these differences can help you choose the right LED strip for your project.


1. Can I use a SK9822 controller with SK6812 lights?

Yes, you can use a SK9822 controller with SK6812 lights. However, you need to make sure that the SK6812 strip you are using is also 5V.

2. Can SK9822 and SK6812 be cut to custom lengths?

Yes,They all have cuttable sections, usually marked along the strip, allowing you to adjust the length to your specific requirements.

3. Which LED strip is more reliable in terms of data transmission and error handling?

The SK9822 is considered the most reliable in terms of data transmission and error handling. It has a backup data line that ensures continuous operation even if one pixel fails.

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