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SK6813 vs SK6813H VS WS2815

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Led strip lights are a great way to add charm to your project. It is also important to make sure that the right IC is used in the LED strip so that you can control it. Do you know the difference between SK6813, SK6813H and WS2815? If you don’t know, don’t worry. This blog post will help you clear your mind. We will take you through the specifications of each LED strip to understand the differences between them. After reading this article, you’ll be able to pick the best option for your special project.

SK6813 vs SK6813H VS WS2815 sunliteleds

SK6813 vs SK6813H vs WS2815, What’s the difference?

We made a comparison table to show the differences and similarities between SK6813, SK6813H and WS2815.

Compare Table: SK6813 vs SK6813H vs WS2815 LED Strip

ItemSK6813 LED StripSK6813H LED StripWS2815 Led strip
Strip VoltageDC5VDC12VDC12V
Voltage DropHighMiddleMiddle
Built-in use of capacitive resistorsNoNoYes
Refresh Rate4KHz8KHz2KHz
IC TypeSK6813 built-in ICSK6813H built-in ICWS2815 built-in IC
PIN Configuration6pin6pin6pin
Break-point ContinueYesYesYes
Gray Level256256256
Data Transmission Speed800Kbps800Kbps800Kbps
Dual-signal WireYesYesYes
SK6813 RGB Led strip
SK6813H Led strip
WS2815 Led strip

From the table, we can clearly see the similarities and differences between SK6813, SK6813H and WS2815. All three are very similar, the main difference being the voltage. SK6813 has two models, the 5V model is SK6813. 12V model SK6813 is the abbreviation for SK6813-HV-09-6P (also known as SK6813HV, which means “High Voltage”). Although many of the features of the SK6813 are adopted from the WS2815, the design of the SK6813 reduces the chances of these same defects occurring during the manufacturing process and increases the chances of defects being induced during the assembly process, while the design of the SK6812H ameliorates the defects of the SK6813, so that they can be said to optimize each other.


Strip Voltage

SK6813LED strips are DC5V, SK6813H and WS2815 LED strips are DC12V. SK6813H and WS2815 making it suitable for more lighting decoration scenes.

Voltage Drop

The degree of voltage drop varies depending on the voltage. the SK6813 RGB LED Strip is DC5V, so voltage drop is the most serious problem and usually needs to be powered from both ends.When the strip is longer than 5 meters. the SK6813H and WS2815 LED Strips are DC12V, and when the strip is longer than 10 meters, the DC12V strips will need to be powered from both ends.

Built-in use of capacitive resistors

The WS2815 RGB LED is designed with built-in resistors and capacitors. SK6813 and SK6813H RGB LEDs do not have internal resistors and capacitors. It is more convenient to design the WS2815 without adding resistors and capacitors.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of SK6813H is 8KHz, which is the highest. the refresh rate of SK6813 is 4KHz. and the refresh rate of WS2815 is 2KHz. if you need to use Led strip to make a Led display, then SK6813H is the best choice!


  • All built-in RGB ICs.

  • Pin configuration is 6-pin

  • Data transmission speed can reach 800Kbps.

  • Breakpoint transmission: They both have the function of breakpoint transmission. If a single integrated circuit is damaged, the signal can still continue to transmit without affecting the overall display effect.

  • Dual signal lines: both have two signal lines, spare data line to make data transmission more stable.

  • 256 gray levels: PWM control terminal can realize 256 levels of adjustment.

Better Understanding of SK6813,SK6813H and WS2815 LED Strip

SK6813 LED Strip

What is SK6813 Led strip?

SK6813 and SK6813H are from Opsco, SK6813 LED is an evolution of WS2813. It actually came out later than the GS8208. Compared with SK6812 and WS2813, SK6813 is not widely used yet.

Features of SK6813 LED Light Strip

The SK6813 LED light strip is a DC5V built-in IC with a breakpoint resume function. 1 LED 1 IC, individually controlled, can be made into a high-density and high-definition display. This means each LED can receive and send signals, allowing for seamless communication even if one of the LEDs fails.

SK6813H Led strip

What is SK6813H Led strip?

The SK6813 is available in two models – 5V or 12V. The 12V model (also known as the SK6813HV, which means “high voltage”) is very similar to World Semi’s WS2815. The SK6813HV uses 12V as the primary power input VDD for each chip, and then steps it down to 5V inside each pixel to meet its logic requirements. This allows longer pixel chains to be driven in series, thus reducing the need for power injection. So the SK6813H is an upgrade of the SK6813.

Features of SK6813H LED Strip

The SK6813 is very similar to the SK6813H with a few differences. the SK6813 is DC5V while the SK6813h is DC12V, which is the major difference. For the SK6813HV: 12V operation allows for longer cable lengths and longer pixel chains, and the voltage drop is also smaller than the SK6813. This is the reason for its popularity.

WS2815 Led strip

What is WS2815 Led strip?

The WS2815 RGB LED strip is an improvement on the WS2812B model. It maintains the dual-signal feature . The downside to using 12 V is that it often has to be “drained” electrical energy. In this way, ws2815 will consume more power than ws2812b, while ws2812b is in the same mode.It maintains the characteristics of the previous generation product, with higher brightness and higher efficiency.

Features of WS2815 LED Strip

WS2815 is a 12V LED chip. WS2815 has dual signal lines (DI, BI, GND, 12V), So it has the function of break continue. This function ensures that even if one or more pixels have a damaged IC, the remaining LEDs in the strip can still work normally.

Which one is the best choice SK6813, SK6813H and WS2815?

When selecting SK6813 vs. SK6813H vs. WS2815 LED strips, their specific features and your project requirements must be fully considered. When you choose between these three options, you should consider the following aspects:

Power supply and voltage drop issues:If your project light strip needs to be connected for a long distance, then you can choose DC12V SK6813H and DC12V WS2815, which can reduce the voltage drop. The voltage drop of DC5V is very large.

Designability: WS2815 RGB LEDs are designed with built-in resistors and capacitors. SK6813 and SK6813H RGB LEDs do not have resistors and capacitors inside. Based on this principle, when designing the PCB circuit, you should design the corresponding capacitors and resistors copper. Therefore, if the WS2815 LED is selected, there is no need to add resistors and capacitors. But if SK6813 LED is selected, we should design these two components externally on the PCB.

Interference: When we put the cell phone close to the WS2815 light strip, the WS2815 has the interference phenomenon, resulting in the light strip slightly flickering phenomenon. When we put the cell phone close to SK6812H, it is almost invisible flickering.

Finally, depending on your needs, please refer to the comparison in this article or download to view the specifications and performance of the 3 ICs and pick the one that suits you best.


Through this article, you should understand the similarities and differences between SK6813, SK6813H and WS2815, they all have their own unique features, please choose them according to your needs! If you are looking for quality and reliable LED light bars, feel free to contact SuntechLite.We offer a wide variety of LED light bars that are perfect for your needs. Our team is ready to help you find the best LED strips for your business or project!

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