SP65XE series LED controller

SP658E SPI RGB LED контроллер

Профессиональный поставщик светодиодных пиксельных светильников и контроллеров

SP658E SPI RGB LED контроллер

SP658E LED controller
compatible with RB3 RC3 remote control
SP65XE applications

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Download APP to Control

Scan the product QR code, or search for “BanlanX” in App Store or Google Play download and install the BanlanX APP.


  1.  Open the App, click the add device button icon in the top right corner of the home page to add device.
  2. Click the app set icon icon in the upper right corner of the App to enter the settings page, where you can modify the device name, set the timings, set the on/off effect, OTA firmware upgrade, etc. 
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