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K1000C Software LEDEdit Download

Suntech Lite is a top manufacturer and supplier that focuses on pixel LED strips and LED neon lights.

The K1000C is an amazing LED controller that makes it easy to create stunning light shows. Whether you are a professional lighting designer or someone who likes to experiment with different colors and patterns, the K1000C is the perfect tool.

K1000C software LEDEdit

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LEDEdit is a software widely used in the Pixel LED industry and one of the most popular tools for controlling LED strips. Known for its ease of use and powerful features, it is loved by professionals and amateurs alike. No matter what type of LED lights you use, K1000C is compatible with various products, use LEDEdit K1000C software to create the perfect light show for any occasion. If you’re ready to take your light show to the next level, now is the time to explore the endless possibilities of K1000C software LEDEdit let’s start!

Pixel LED controller supported by K1000C software LEDEdit

Pixel LED Controller Supported?
T-1000 Series ✔️
T-8000 Series ✔️
T-400K ✔️
T-500K ✔️
T-600K-D ✔️
T-700K ✔️
T-700K-B ✔️
T-780 ✔️
T-790K ✔️
T-800K ✔️
T-1000-RGBWYA ✔️
T-8000-L-RGB ✔️
T-8000-L-RGBW ✔️
T-8000-L-RGB-W ✔️
T-8000-L-RGBWYA ✔️
T-8000-L-Temp ✔️
K-1000 Series ✔️
K-1000-RGB ✔️
K-1000-RGBW ✔️
K-1000-W ✔️
K-1000-RGBWYA ✔️
K-8000 Series ✔️

Driver chips supported by K1000C software LEDEdit

Driver Chip Supported?
UCS1903, 1904, 1909, 1912, 2903, 2909, 2912 ✔️
TM1803, 1804, 1809, 1812 ✔️
WS2811, 2812, 2813E, 2815, 2818, 2819 ✔️
SM16703, 16709, 16712 ✔️
P988 3, P9823 ✔️
DMX (UCS512*, SM16*/SM17*, TM512*, GS8512) ✔️
XB001 ✔️
XB002 ✔️
TM1913 ✔️
TM1914 ✔️
SM16716, 16726 ✔️
P9813 ✔️
INK 1003 ✔️
LX1003, 1203 ✔️
LX3203, 1603, 1103 ✔️
GS8205, 8206 ✔️
WS2801 ✔️
MBI6021 ✔️
TLS3100 ✔️
UCS8903 ✔️
P9803 ✔️
SK6812 ✔️
LPD6803 ✔️
LPD1886 ✔️
DMX – Monochrome ✔️
XH-6897 ✔️
LC8812 ✔️

Alternatives to K1000C software LEDEdit

There are many LEDEdit alternatives, Listen’s LED Player, LEDEdit Player, Power LED, RGB Player, Huacanled’s LED Build, and LED Lightning Control are some of them. However, alternative software cannot compete with LEDEdit software, which is by far the best pixel LED programming software.

To learn more about K1000C products and matching LED strips, please see the pictures below.

Disclaimer – The content of this article may change over time. We are not sure if this software presents any security risks. Use at your own risk. Because, there are many downloadable installation files on the Internet. We strongly recommend that you scan the installation files with a virus protection program before installation. This tutorial does not offer or teach any illegal activities.

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