SP107e vs SP108e

Suntech Lite è un produttore e fornitore di prim'ordine che si concentra sulle strisce LED pixel e sulle luci al neon LED.

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Speaking of LED strips, you must understand the LED mini controller. Many types of LED mini controllers are currently popular on the market, which is dizzying. SP105E, SP107E, SP108E, SP110E, SP501E, SP601E, SP611E, etc. These controllers look so similar that it is hard to tell them apart.

Now, let’s go to our in-depth comparison of two popular LED controller models: the SP107e vs SP108e.

Key Differences: SP107e vs SP108e

The main difference between sp107e and sp108e led mini-controllers:

  • Control method: sp107e is blue tooth + APP, while sp108e is Wifi + APP.
  • Music Mode: sp107e has music mode, not yet the sp108e.
  • Group Control: Sp108e enables group control, not yet the sp107e.


For comparison details between sp107e and sp108e, please see Table 1.

Comparison Table: SP107e vs SP108e

Metodo di controlloBluetooth + AppWiFi + App
Max pixels9602048
(Recommand 1200)
Supported LED stripsAll types of addressed stripsAll types of addressed strips
Music ModeNo
Connector3PIN / 4PIN3PIN / 4PIN
PotenzaDC 5-24VDC 5-24V
Group ControlNo
Effetti di luce30 + 18 + 180188
Operation Difficult2 Stars3 Stars

Table 1. SP107E VS SP108E

If you want to know more about sp107e vs sp108e led controller, please click

SP107E Controllore musicale LED Bluetooth

Controllore LED Wifi SP108E 

Mini Control Details: SP107e vs SP108e

SP107e Bluetooth APP LED Music Controller

SP107E music controller
SP107E end connection
SP107E connect with pixel LED light

SP108e Wi-Fi APP LED Controller

SP108E LED controller
sp108e connect with led strip
sp108e app control

Wire Connection: SP107e vs SP108e


sp107e wire connection


sp108e wire connection

If you don’t know which led strip mini led controller to choose, please contact us to help you.

How to Control LED Strip with SP LED Strip Controllers:  SP107e vs SP108e

Mini LED controller with remoter for addressable strip, as shown in the video below:

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