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How To Operate Artnet Controller YC3000A

Suntech Lite is a top manufacturer and supplier that focuses on pixel LED strips and LED neon lights.

If you are thinking about buying YC3000A LED controller, do you know how to operate artnet controller YC3000A?

The following video teaches you how to use YC3000A controller to control madrix led strip

Video: How To Operate Artnet Controller YC3000A

1. First, open the software YC player ,then select the hardware settings, Input the password YC and go into the hardware settings menu.

YC player

2. After entering the menu, first select the network settings, select the corresponding IP address, and then click apply. and then click the “Routing setting” menu to confirm whether the controller is connected or not. If the connection is normal, it is green;  if the connection is abnormal, it is red. as shown in the figure

step2 1
step2 2

3. Select controller parameters, choose the corresponding chip type, Max channels. For example, let’s take LEADCORE UCS1903 as an example, channel 512 1024 1536 2048 3072, respectively, the number of lamps , and corresponding to 170 340 510 680 1024 pixels, as shown in the figure, we set UCS1903 as 2048 channels, then click “write to hardware” , select the corresponding number of controllers.

After the hardware settings is completed, as shown in the figure.

step3 1
step3 2

4. Set the controller artnet parameters. As shown in the figure, click “Tools ➝ Artnet” . Select the corresponding IP address (Network setting) and then input controller quantity. set as shown in the figure, and then click “write” , if it shows ok, the writing is successful. and then the artnet search shows success as shown in the figure.

step4 1
step4 2

5. Enter the MADRIX software ARTNET search, after the search is completed, as shown in the figure

step5 1
step5 2

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