WS2815 vs SK6812

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In the world of addressable LED strips, the WS2815 and SK6812 stand out as popular choices. But which one should you pick for your project? In this article, we’ll help you decide between these two versatile LED strips by comparing their features and performance.

Video 1. WS2815 LED strip vs SK6812 LED strip

The most significant advantage of the SK6812 LED strip over the WS2815 is its broader color range. It can produce more colors than the WS2815, offering superior color mixing and enhanced flexibility for crafting custom color schemes.

ws2815 led vs sk6812 led

WS2815 vs SK6812

IC PlacementBuilt-inBuilt-in/ External
Working Voltage12/24VDC5/12/24VDC
Pin6-pin IC4-pin IC
SMD LED   Size50503535/5050
Color LED

Single white addressable,


Single   white addressable,


(color temperatures addressable),


RGBW  addressable

Densidad LED30/60/84/96/144 LEDs/m

30/54/60/72/84/90 /

96/120/144 LEDs/m

Cut Segment1-LED1-LED   /3-LED
Break   continuesNo
Individually   Addressable
Voltage   DropLowLow
Data TransmissionDual   signalSingle   signal
Output   channel43
CablesPositivo + Negativo
+ Data line + Backup data line
Positivo + Negativo
 + Data line
Data   Rate800Kbps800Kbps
Anchura PCB


/10mm   /12mm

5mm   /8mm

/10mm /12mm

Grado de impermeabilidadIP20/65/67/68IP20/65/67/68

Table1. A Quick Table Comparing WS2815 and SK6812

To better understand the differences between these two LED strips,  let’s examine their key features.

SK6812 LED Strips

The SK6812 is a variant of the WS2812B and shares many similarities with its predecessor. However, it offers improved performance, particularly in terms of voltage drop sensitivity. The SK6812 maintains consistent color and brightness across a wide voltage range, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

SK6812 led strip

Click for more details SK6812 LED Strip Specifications Sheet.

Video: SK6812 LED Strip Lighting Effect Display

WS2815 Tira de LED

The WS2815 is an upgraded version of the WS2812B, also less susceptible to voltage drops. It provides superior color accuracy and brightness, with a higher voltage range supplying more power to each LED for increased brightness and efficiency.

WS2815 led strip

Click for more details WS2815 LED Strip Specifications Sheet.

Video: WS2815LED Strip Lighting Effect Display

WS2815 vs SK6812: Key Differences

Here are the main differences between these two LED strips:

Color LED

The primary distinction between the SK6812 and WS2815 is their color range. The SK6812 not only offers RGB color but also single-white, dual-color temperature, and RGBW compatibility. In contrast, the WS2815 provides RGB colors and separate whites, such as color temperatures of 3000K and 6000K.

Break Continuation

The conventional SK6812 uses a single data line for signal transmission and lacks a resume function. However, recent models of RGBW/RGB LED strips with the SK6812 feature a resumable version. The WS2815 utilizes dual data lines for signal transmission, with a break-continuation function.

What is break continue or breakpoint resume of addressable LED strip? Watch the video below.


The SK6812 boasts higher brightness levels, capable of producing up to 100 lumens per watt (lm/W), compared to the WS2815’s 80 lm/W maximum output. This makes the SK6812 ideal for applications that require intense illumination.

Common Advantages of WS2815 and SK6812

Both the WS2815 and SK6812 share some key benefits:

High Color Accuracy and Consistency

As individually addressable LED strips, both the WS2815 and SK6812 deliver accurate color reproduction, often resulting in more vibrant and bold colors compared to non-individually addressable LED strips.

Minimal Voltage Drop

If you need long LED strip runs, consider the DC12V WS2815 or the 12V/24V SK6812 LED strip. Both options have low voltage drops and can maintain consistent brightness over extended distances.

What is voltage drop? How to solve the LED strip voltage drop? Please watch the video below.


Both the WS2815 and SK6812 LED strips offer unique advantages to suit different project requirements. By comparing their features, you can make an informed decision on the best option for your specific lighting needs. Happy illuminating!

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