SK6812 LED Strip Datasheet Download

Suntech Lite es uno de los principales fabricantes y proveedores de tiras LED de píxeles y luces LED de neón.

The SK6812 RGBW LED strip features individual control of each LED, which means the color and brightness of each LED can be adjusted independently, allowing for more precise and customizable lighting effects. Except for the common models of 60leds RGBW 10mm strip and 120leds RGBW 12mm strip, we designed some new models: 60leds 120leds 5mm slim strip, DC5-24V 66leds RGBW 12mm strip, SK6812 White and WWA/CCT LED strips, and etc.

Please check the below SK6812 LED strip datasheets to know more details.

SK6812 LED Strip Datasheet Download


SunTech Lite

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