WS2811 LED-Streifen

What is WS2811 LED Strip?

The WS2811 is an external integrated circuit (IC) that is commonly used in LED strip lighting. Each WS2811 IC is capable of controlling one RGB LED, allowing for the creation of various lighting effects such as color changing and chasing patterns.

The WS2811 IC operates by receiving digital signals from a microcontroller, which can be programmed to send specific commands to control the color and brightness of each small group of LEDs. The IC then interprets the signals and sends the appropriate data to the corresponding LED.

A WS2811 LED strip is a type of addressable LED rope light that usually mounted on a flexible circuit board. The WS2811 LED strip can be programmed to create a wide variety of lighting effects, from static colors to dynamic patterns and animations. 

How To Use WS2811 LED Strip?

The video on the left displays how to connect the WS2811 LED strip to the power supply and controller, and how to adjust the lighting modes through the controller.

Step 1: Prepare the WS2811 light strip, power supply, and controller.
Step 2: Connect one end of the power wire and the JST connector with the controller.
Step 3: Connect the controller to the power supply.
Step 4: Connect the WS2811 LED strip to the controller. Power on to light up the strip.

There are many control methods for WS2811 LED strips. The left example shows the K-1000C offline control, and it can use PC for online control, master controller + slave controller control, mobile phone APP control, etc. Want to check more details? Please check how to connect and control the digital LED strip.

WS2811 LED Strip Specification Download

Datei Name Herunterladen
SM16703/WS2811/UCS1903 30leds 60leds Adressierbarer RGB-LED-Streifen Spezifikation Icon herunterladen
SM16703/WS2811/UCS1903 30leds 60leds Adressierbarer weißer LED-Streifen Spezifikation Icon herunterladen
SM16703/WS2811/UCS1903 30leds 60leds Adressierbarer CCT LED-Streifen Spezifikation Icon herunterladen
SM16703/WS2811/UCS1903 72leds Adressierbarer RGB-LED-Streifen Spezifikation Icon herunterladen
SM16703-WS2811-UCS1903 72leds Adressierbarer weißer LED-Streifen Spezifikation Icon herunterladen
SM16703-WS2811-UCS1903 72-LEDs adressierbare CCT-LED-Streifen Spezifikation Icon herunterladen
SM16703-WS2811-UCS1903 96leds adressierbarer RGB-LED-Streifen Spezifikation Icon herunterladen
SM16703-WS2811-UCS1903 120leds Adressierbarer RGB-LED-Streifen Spezifikation Icon herunterladen


1. Addressable WS2811 LED Strip: 5M long with 300 5050 RGB LEDs and 100 WS2811 ICs arranged in groups of 3 LEDs and 1 IC. Each group can be controlled individually. Compared with ordinary RGB light strips, it will show more amazing static and dynamic color effects.

2. Support multiple controllers: Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, K1000C and other programmable controllers. Support SP105E SP108E SP110E Application Controller, SP106E SP107E Music Controller, SP501E Smart WiFi Controller, App Controller, SP106E SP107E Music Controller, SP501E and MHCTRWF5V Smart WiFi Controller.

3. Humanized design: Both ends are designed with JST 3-core connectors for connection. A power/ground wire split at both ends is used for injecting power. Covered with silicone coating, waterproof grade IP65/IP67/IP68. Each group can be freely cut and welded along the cutting line to meet the requirements of different lengths.

4. High quality adhesive: We adapt genuine 3M LSE, which is more sticky and durable than other stick.

WS2811 vs WS2812 LED Strip

ws2811 vs ws2812 leds

WS2811 LED strip typically consumes a lot of power at 12V, however, WS2812 LED strip requires just 5V and consumes much less power.

These are not the only distinctions between WS2811 and WS2812. We have sorted out more details comparisons to help you make the right purchase, please click the difference between WS2811 and WS2812 to understand better.

WS2811 LED Strip Accessories


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Warum SunTechLite wählen?

Our Addressable LED light strips have the following main advantages:

  1. PCB thickness: SuntechLite uses 0.25mm and 0.35mm PCB for our regular strip lights. (The thickness of the general PCB on the market is 0.2mm.) The thicker the PCB board, the greater the current flowing, and the higher the efficiency of the light strip.
  2. High-quality Resistors: Authentic Guarantee, Antioxidant. DC12v LED strip generally uses 0.8mm*0.5mm resistors, DC24v LED strip generally uses 1.2mm*0.6mm resistors. This makes the strips have good heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, and very stable.
  3. Dual capacitor design: Dual capacitor design can protect the IC, and the signal transmission is stable.
  4. Firm light strip connection: Tin is added to the connection of the light strip, which is convenient for welding after cutting. The solder joints are full, and there will be no false welding.

Besides, we have a specialized engineering team to offer technical support and assistance with the installation and programming of the LED strips. And you can feel free to contact us if any questions in the using process.

To know more about our PCB design advantages, please click unique PCB design by SunliteThis article has described our PCB design with detailed products and pictures in detail. And we have made a PDF profile to describe the advantages of the LED strip light, please click Suntechlite LED Strip Advantages to view details.

FAQ about WS2811 Addressable LED strip

Q1: Can I cut a WS2811 LED strip to a custom length?

Yes, you can cut a WS2811 LED strip to a custom length to fit your specific installation requirements.

Q2: How do I power a WS2811 LED strip?

A WS2811 LED strip is typically powered by a DC power source. Be sure to check the power requirements of your specific LED strip before choosing a power source.

Q3: Can I use a WS2811 LED strip outdoors?

Yes, WS2811 LED strips can be used outdoors, but it’s important to choose a strip that is rated for outdoor use and to take steps to protect the strip from the elements.

Q4: How do I program a WS2811 LED strip?

To program a WS2811 LED strip, you’ll need to connect the WS2811 IC to a microcontroller and use programming software to send digital signals to control the color and brightness of each individual LED.

Q5: What is the lifespan of a WS2811 LED strip?

The lifespan of a WS2811 LED strip can vary depending on factors such as usage, environment, and maintenance. However, LED lights are known for their long lifespan and energy efficiency, making them a cost-effective lighting solution.

WS2811 VS WS2815 Addressable LED Strip


LED strips can add some extra appeal to your projects, but it’s hard to choose a suitable one from the kinds of LED strip lights. Especially when you want a multi-color addressable LED strip light. Do you know the difference between WS2811 and WS2815? Don’t worry if you don’t know. This article will help you organize your thoughts. Let’s introduce their differences to you. At the end of this article, you’ll be able to pick the best option for your project.

What is the similarities and differences between WS2811 and WS2815 LED strip?

Table: WS2811 vs WS2815











Externer IC

Eingebauter IC

Gray Level






LED Anzahl

30led/60leds per meter

60 leds/m

Cut Unit

12V: 3LED

24V: 6LED


Pause Weiter

No, signal channel transmission

Yes, dual signal channel transmission


400 Hz/s

 2K Hz/s

Pin Configuration between WS2811 and WS2815

WS2811 LED strip internal package

What is WS2811 LED Strip

WS2811 LED Strip Light is an economically addressable LED strip light controlled by external IC WS2811. Each IC controls 3LEDs, so every 3LEDs can be cut into a pixel. Each pixel can be addressed individually, which makes it very flexible in many applications.

WS2811 is a 3-channel LED driver IC. The circuit includes an intelligent digital port data latch and a signal shaping and amplifying driving circuit. Also included is a precision internal oscillator and a 12V programmable constant current output driver. In order to reduce the power ripple, the three output channels are designed with a delayed turn-on function.

The WS2815 LED Strip is an economically addressable LED strip controlled by the internal IC WS2815. Each IC controls 1 LED, so each LED can be cut into a pixel. Each pixel can be addressed individually, which makes it very flexible in many applications.

WS2811 LED Strip Features:

1. Programmable LED Strip Light: built-in WS2811 smart driver ICs which can be programmed with Arduino, Raspberry Pi
2. One IC control 3LEDs
3. Static & Dynamic Dream Color Display
4. Extensible Design: designed with 3pin JST-SM connectors and separate power/ground wires on both ends
5. 3M adhesive tape, which is more sticky.


ws2811 connect with LED controller

What is WS2815 LED Strip

 The WS2815 LED Strip is an economical addressable LED strip controlled by the internal IC WS2815. Each IC controls 1 LED, so each LED can be cut into a pixel. Each pixel can be addressed individually, which makes it very flexible in many applications.

WS2815 Features

1. Dual-signal wires version, signal break-point continuous transmission
2. With 4-pins male connector and separated power/ground wire at both ends for easy interconnection and power connection
3. Individually addressable: Every 1 IC control 1LED, every LED can be individually addressable and show any color you want.
4. Wide compatibility. Works great with LED screen, LED wall, advertising board, and widely apply for KTV, hotel, bars, clubs, wedding party lighting, etc.


WS2815 connect with LED controller

WS2811 and WS2815 Main Application Field

WS2811 and WS2815 strip lights are widely used, especially used in nightclubs, bars, KTV and stage where brilliant lighting is needed. Compared with the WS2811, each 1 IC of WS2815 controls 1 LED, each LED can be individually addressed and display any color you want, so the lighting effect is more gorgeous and beautiful than WS2811.


If you are very interested in them, but still have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We have professional staff who will clear your doubts for you. If you have LED strip related projects, Suntechleds will make the most suitable plan for you according to your needs.

Maintenance and Care of WS2811 LED Strip

Cleaning and Upkeep

Keeping your WS2811 LED strip clean is an essential part of its maintenance. Over time, dust and other debris can accumulate on the strip, which can affect its performance and make it look less vibrant. To clean the strip, you can use a soft, dry cloth or a slightly damp cloth to gently wipe it down. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as these can damage the strip.

It’s also important to keep the area around the LED-Streifen clean and free from dust and other debris. This can help prevent dust from settling on the strip and affecting its performance.

Replacing Faulty Components

Like any electronic device, WS2811 LED strips can experience faults or failures over time. If you notice that some of the LEDs on your strip aren’t working properly or that the strip isn’t functioning as it should, you may need to replace faulty components. This may include replacing individual LEDs or the WS2811 IC itself.

Before attempting any repairs, make sure to turn off the power to the LED strip and disconnect it from the power source. If you’re not comfortable working with electronics, it’s best to have a professional handle the repair.

Fehlersuche bei allgemeinen Problemen

If you’re experiencing issues with your WS2811 LED strip, there are a few things you can try before calling in a professional. First, check to make sure that the strip is properly connected and that the power source is working correctly. You may also want to try resetting the programming software or checking to make sure that the color order is correct.

If you’re still having issues, consult the manufacturer’s troubleshooting guide or contact customer support for further assistance.

In conclusion, proper maintenance and care of your WS2811 LED strip is essential to ensure that it continues to function properly and lasts as long as possible. By following these tips for cleaning and upkeep, replacing faulty components, and troubleshooting common issues, you can keep your LED strip functioning properly and enjoy its vibrant colors and customizable lighting effects for years to come.