60m Flexible RGB Neon Light and accessories have been shipped to U.S.A

American customers ordered Front emitting light 50*25mm from us again, and the customers are satisfied with the quality of our products. Thanks for the support of our regular customers.

Product specification:

Neon size: Front emitting light 50*25mm 

Model: STSN-SMD3535-12V

LED Quantity: 84led/m

Voltage: DC12V

Power Consumption: 15W/m

Packing: 5m/roll

If you are also interested in this, please click this link to see more: https://sunliteleds.com/ultra-big-size-digital-rgb-neon-50x25mm/

Neon led strip 1
Neon led strip 2
Packing 1
Packing 2