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12mm 840led 24v RGBW LED Strip1

12mm 840led 24V RGBW COB LED Strip

Product Information

COB RGBW LED strip with 840leds/m and 4200led per 5 meters, normal SMD RGBW LED strip is 60leds/m and 300leds per 5 meters, more uniform lighting. Similar wattage and similar brightness Offer versatile lighting options for stage productions, concerts, and events, allowing for creative and dynamic lighting effects, dynamic, colorful lighting, or bright white light to attract customer attention.

The 12mm 840led 24V RGBW COB LED Strip For Color Variety

Operating at 18W/M with a high LED count of 840LEDs per meter, this strip light delivers a smooth, continuous beam without any spots, ensuring an evenly lit surface.

This versatile strip light provides RGBW colors, allowing you to enjoy not just a wide range of colors but also white light options, including warm white (3000k), natural white (4000k), and pure white (6000k), suitable for various settings and preferences.

It’s important to note that this is a DC voltage LED strip, which means it cannot be directly plugged into AC 110V or 220V sources. Instead, it requires a 12V/24V transformer to safely connect to your home or office AC power supply. This feature ensures the longevity and safety of the lighting installation, making it a reliable choice for your lighting needs.

Key Parameters:
Working Power: 18W/M
LED Quantity: 840LEDs/m
Light Color: RGBW (Colorful + White options)
Voltage: DC 24V (Requires 12V/24V transformer for AC connection)

Product Specifications

LED Strip Type:COB
LED Chip:Epistar super bright Chip
Working Temperature:-4°F(-20℃)~122°F(50℃)
Storage Temperature:-40°F(-40℃)~176°F(80℃)
Color Temperature:RGBW
LED Quantity:840LEDs/m
PCB Width:12mm
Input Voltage(V):24V DC
Working Power:18W/M
Beam Pattern:180°
Waterproof Rating:IP20

12mm 840led 24V RGBW COB LED Strip Picture

12mm 840led 24v RGBW LED Strip2
12mm 840led 24v RGBW LED Strip3
12mm 840led 24v RGBW LED Strip4
12mm 840led 24v RGBW LED Strip5
12mm 840led 24v RGBW LED Strip6
12mm 840led 24v RGBW LED Strip7

12mm 840led 24V RGBW COB LED Strip Application

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